Sound Healing

Sound Healing is a beautiful way to align self to your true vibration.  The frequency that resonates from each bowl is unique. Made with the purest quartz crystal on earth, each bowl tuned to specific chakras and endocrine points in combination with rare earth elements and metals these bowls allow for healing on a cellular level. The pure tones interact with the crystalline structure of our blood, bones and DNA which promote the healing process. Physical injuries can be healed and old emotional traumas can be released.


Sound Baths also make for powerful meditation experience. The sounds and vibrations allow you to completely focus thus guiding you deeper into your meditation practice, accelerating your inward journey.

Corporate Mindfulness 

Sound Meditations are a great tool for your businesses or corporations looking to add a wellness component to your next meeting, retreat or monthly wellness program. 


Also discover stress management strategies that can be incorporated to the your daily work ritual with our mindfulness programs.  

Services Provided

  • Private Sound Healing 

  • Distant Healing - Recorded Session 

  • Group Sound Bath Meditations 

  • In Home Private Sessions 

  • Soul Passage/Conscious Dying 

  • Kundalini classes/group/private

  • Conscious Retreats 

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About Caroline

Caroline Dalton is a Reiki Master, Sound Healer and a Certified Meditation and Kundalini Teacher. Born in Edmonton, Caroline always heard the call to connect with herself through nature. Spending many childhood summers in Jasper she deepened her connection and found nourishment in the soul. The mountains continued to call into early adulthood and she eventually found her way back where she now calls Banff home. Here she was able to begin a healing process of her own and acknowledge her own abilities to help facilitate the healing process and guide others on their journey.  Her private soul healing sessions and classes incorporate all modalities making your healing experience truly unique - nourishing the mind, body and soul.   

Sound Healing ~ Kundalini

Events and Public Classes

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Private / Group Session


a private or group session 

“Gratitude is not a deep enough word for how I feel. Thank you so much for your offering and for facilitating such a beautiful practice in such a beautiful space. I am inspired to continue to acquire new bowls and maybe one day offer the same in Edmonton. It is a beautiful experience. I had some lovely rest and visuals tonight. My heart is so full and love pours out to you and all that you do and share. May I find the courage to step forward into this loving space and share as you did tonight. May you continue to expand on your journey and may I continue to witness it in love and light. ”


“Caroline thank you for a wonderful evening... Your talents are amazing!! Friends is you haven't yet experienced crystals bowls go!!!!! Amazing”     KL

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